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Why Genuine Toyota Parts?

Why Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories?

This is a valid question considering the perception of higher prices for OEM parts. For starters, just ask yourself why you purchased a Toyota in the first place? Somewhere in that answer will be words like quality, reliability, dependability, brand reputation and so on. You could translate all those words into one…value. When you purchased your Toyota, what you were really looking for was value. Value in an automobile purchase is when you get the most quality, reliability and dependability for your dollar.

Toyota is able to deliver the value you are looking for by building quality, reliable and dependable automobiles. They do that by manufacturing the highest quality components to build the highest quality automobiles. By now you see where this is going. The quality, reliability and dependability of your Toyota is built on the foundation of Quality Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories.


Aftermarket parts cost less, right?

Sometimes they are initially, and sometimes they are not. I say initially because it’s not just the acquisition price of an item that should be considered. If time is money and you have to replace a part, that time is costing you money. If you spend more time to complete your repair because the part did not fit properly, that time is costing you money. If you have to replace that same part again because it failed, then again, that time is costing you money. Genuine Toyota Parts and accessories are manufactured to meet or exceed Toyota’s stringent specifications. Nothing fits, performs or lasts like Quality Genuine Toyota Parts and Genuine Toyota Accessories.


Don’t some aftermarket parts have longer warranties?

The lifetime warranties offered by many aftermarket part manufacturers are more of a marketing gimmick than a statement of quality. Often the product they supply cost so little to manufacture that they can afford to replace it for you a few times, they still make money and you keep coming back. What does that say about the quality of that product? Far too often when purchasing an aftermarket part with a lifetime warranty, all you can rely on is the warranty and not the part.


So what’s different about

At MyToyotaPartsStore we provide you with quality Genuine Toyota Parts and Genuine Toyota Accessories. We offer great discounts so purchasing the best does not have to be expensive. Our Toyota trained staff has over 130 combined years of Toyota Parts experience, all right here in one place, to get you the correct parts the first time. is the online parts department of Frontier Toyota, a full service Toyota dealership located in the Santa Clarita Valley, California. All Genuine Toyota Parts and Genuine Toyota Accessories we sell are warrantable at any Toyota dealership in the country. We do not rely on the long warranty of an inferior part to get you to come back. Our goal is for you to be so thrilled with your experience, you want to keep coming back.


Genuine Toyota Parts & Accessories